Susan grew up in rural South Georgia. Upon graduating from the University of Georgia, she shot up the ranks at the Coca-Cola Company managing various global projects. After her time at Coke, Susan went on to start multiple world-renowned agencies. Click here to learn more about Susan.





Mark “Dill” Driscoll is an internationally recognized visionary whose unconventional marketing perspectives are fueled by his “passions of the heart.” Dill's entrepreneurial spirit has been the genesis of at least eight major companies in a career bridging decades. Click here to learn more about Dill.




With a strong background in sports marketing and event management, Molly Rose is excited to be on the McWhorter Driscoll team. Molly joins McWhorter Driscoll after working with schools such as her Alma Matter, the University of Kansas, as well as the University of Arizona and Villanova.  At these positions, she created innovative and engaging marketing plans, digital campaigns, and events. 



Will is excited to begin his work at McWhorter Driscoll after spending his college years studying digital media and international marketing & finance at St. Bonaventure University & Oxford University. In his spare-time will loves to play basketball, create music and spend time with his friends and family.  





Harper is thrilled to begin her career as a Human Resources specialist for McWhorter Driscoll. Having chosen to forgo a college education, Harper has been able to spend her adolescent years training in anticipation of joining the McWhorter Driscoll team. In her spare time, Harper enjoys rummaging through trashcans, chasing squirrels, and barking at nothing. 



To begin their “retirement” years, Susan and Dill became the Co-Deans of the Stafford School of Business at Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College in Tifton, GA, near Susan’s home town. They have always wanted to give back. They started giving back early in their life together by establishing their global headquarters of ignition in Osierfield, GA. One of their biggest thrills was providing the opportunity for young people from this small town to explore the world.

Academia has been a part of Susan and Dill’s life since they met. For more than seven years, they volunteered every Friday in Athens, GA, at the University of Georgia mentoring the Terry College Business students and helping them to explore their business dreams. Our proudest moments were seeing these young people begin promising careers and come back a few years later to share stories of their successes.

Throughout the years, Susan and Dill have founded several companies, primarily to assist young people in fulfilling their dreams. It all began in 1997 with the founding of McWhorter Driscoll, LLC, a creative business solutions company. This forward-thinking business model went on to establish additional companies, such as The Event Department (Germany), ignition Europe (England), WeGotGear, Click It, Hutto Fabrication, Relay of Heroes, McWhorter Driscoll Farms, Fitzgerald Aviation, plus additional student-led startups.