FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour

Sponsored By Coca-Cola


Bringing an icon to the people: So many companies have access to valuable icons; however, very few know how to properly activate them to further enhance their business and relationship with their customers. The Coca-Cola Company gave us the opportunity to dream about how to maximize their relationship with one of the most powerful icons in the world – the FIFA World Cup Trophy.  In 1997, we created a trophy tour where the Trophy visited 12 countries thanks to Coca-Cola.  The passion and enthusiasm among Coca-Cola and FIFA fans was beyond imagination.  Every four years thereafter, our team has created and executed the Coca-Cola sponsored FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour literally around the world.  The result is fans for life for Coca-Cola.

Olympic Torch Relay


Sharing the Olympics with the World in their hometowns: Prior to the 1996 Olympics, the Coca-Cola Company’s relationship with the Olympic Torch Relay was a simple public relations opportunity.  However, when Susan and Dill was given the opportunity to activate the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay sponsorship, Dill created the Rolling Street Party that shared the Olympics with America.  Great ideas never end and through the Rio Olympics Coca-Cola and ignition, Dill and Susan’s past company, Coca-Cola is still sharing the Olympics with people around the globe.  From ideation to execution, Dill and Susan are experts in leading teams to greatness such as the Olympic Torch Relay team.


Bringing business solutions swiftly: Not many businesses have to build a vertically integrated entity from ground zero in less than a year; well Surterra is one of those companies.  One of Dill and Susan’s University of Georgia students, Wes VanDyk, approached them to help him and his partner organize a team and produce an application to win a coveted license in the state of Florida to be one of the five initial entities allowed to cultivate, process and distribute medical cannabis throughout the state.  With Susan’s project management leadership skills and Dill’s creative energy and creative problem solving skills, they led Surterra through the application process and then led the creation of the operations in the state of Florida to be the first entity to legally cultivate cannabis in the state of Florida through delivery of the Company’s first product to consumers.   

Carry the Load

Carry the load.png

Restoring the meaning of Memorial Day: The month of May is more than the beginning of Summer, the time for mattress sales and picnics, it is the time to remember our men and women who gave their lives for our country.  Carry the Load is a non-profit entity based in Dallas, TX that was founded by a group of Navy Seals who were hurt that the people of America had truly forgotten the true meaning of Memorial Day.  They created the Carry the Load Event in Dallas TX that first year over five years ago to remember their loved ones and remind people the “true meaning of Memorial Day.”  The team found Dill with his record of creating memorable experiences to help them spread their message beyond Dallas.  Thus the Carry the Load Relay was created with a team the first year walking from West Point to Dallas TX.  Today the event has grown from one event to one Relay to multiple Relays and thousands of participants across the country.  With the right message, the right planning and the right team, Susan and Dill can help others create sustainable events and programs that will resonate for years to come.

Salute The Troops


Raising Million$ for the Troops: Thinking outside the box has always been an identifier for Dill.  When Kangaroo Express approached Dill to create a program for them that would make a difference for Americans' lives, Dill created a simple concept that raised millions of dollars for the USO and various other non-profit entities.  With convenience stores located throughout the country and customers with change to offer, during the month of May, Kangaroo Express rounded up their change to Salute the Troops.  To enhance the reach of the program outside of the stores, a simple public relations team drove a military jeep from media outlet to media outlet spreading the word.  Simple ideas and programs can create BIG results with significant goodwill and awareness built for Kangaroo Express driving traffic to their stores and raising over $4 million in 3 years for the troops.

Blue Planet Run


Clean Drinking Water for the World: Starting in New York City on June 1, 2007, a team of "21 ordinary male and female athletes doing extraordinary things" ran around the clock along a route that included the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan and Canada. Each runner sprinted 10 miles a day. The Baton was passed at more than1,500 exchange points. The Run ended back in New York City, on September 4, 2007. Each exchange point and heartfelt moment was captured in the media, fueled by well-organized events in major cities and an international PR campaign. The run was made possible by the generous support of the Dow Chemical Company as the Presenting Sponsor.

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Live 8


2 July 2005 / 11 Concerts / 1,000 Artists / 2,000,000 Spectators / 3,000,000,000 Viewers  

1 Message. 

Dill and ignition we're asked to produce all the activation at each venue. Signage, back state activities and front of house activations. This was a crazy eight weeks of non-stop work. The day of the show, we kicked it off from London, and with the help of AOL, we lit up the world. At the time, it was the largest streaming event ever held.  The message of Live 8 was to make poverty history. Two days later in Edinburgh, the G8 met and relieved over a billion dollars of African debt. The lesson here is with a mission that galvanizes the team, anything is possible. No one believed we could pull this off!